Summer Reading List 2018!

Spiritual Gifts: What They are and Why They Matter, by Tom Schreiner. How is the Holy Spirit at work among us today? Schreiner dispels myths and clarifies the Bible’s teaching.

Breath of Life: Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and Following His Lead, by Orlando Saer. Too often the Holy Spirit is reduced to anything in the Christian life that’s spontaneous, informal, or just weird. Saer cuts through the confusion.

The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses, by Chris Bruno. Highlights the “turning points” in the biblical storyline.

Heaven on Earth: What the Bible Teaches about the Life to Come, by Derek Thomas. Where will you be after you die? Thomas explains that heaven is not just an abstract future state, but a physical reality which can give us life-changing hope and joy now. 

The Good Portion: The Doctrine of God for Every Woman, by Rebecca Stark. Written specifically for women to dive into the depths of God’s perfection, beauty and glorious character.

Chosen by God, by R.C. Sproul, Predestination is a doctrine not for some, but for all biblical Christians. Savor this portrait of a loving, sovereign God.

Basic Christianity, by John Stott. For non-Christians and new believers, this is the classic introduction to the good news, the historical reliability of the truth claims of Christianity, the Lordship of Christ, and where to go from here in the Christian life.

God’s Big Picture, by Vaughn Roberts. The wide-angle view of the whole Bible and how it fits together.

The Trellis & the Vine: The Ministry Mindshift that Changes Everything, by Colin Marshall & Tony Payne. How shall we fulfill the Great Commission? This is the Bible’s view of true Christian ministry, as opposed to just busyness.