Reading Recommendations for 2019

John G. Paton: Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas, by Paul Schlehlein. This heart-moving account of the famous missionary will intensify your zeal for Christ.

The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World, by Rosaria Butterfield. Bound to shake up your approach to loving your neighbor.

Spiritual Gifts: What They are and Why They Matter, by Tom Schreiner. Are the spiritual gifts operative today in our churches? What does the Bible say and how should we respond? Find clear answers in this book.

The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them, by Kevin DeYoung. Which ones apply to the church? What do they mean in light of God’s mercy revealed in Jesus?

Enjoying God: Experience the Power and Love of God in Everyday Life, by Tim Chester. Discover the key to enjoying God, and the meaning of a relationship with him.

Discipling: How to Help Others Grow in Jesus, by Mark Dever. Disciple-making relationships should characterize us as a church. But how do we get started?

The Rule of Love: How the Local Church Should Reflect God’s Love and Authority, by Jonathan Leeman. Does God = Love? Or Love = God? Our society defines love differently from the Bible. This book shows why it’s important to get love right.

Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves. Reeves takes you “behind the curtain” to experience the joy of truly knowing God as he really is.

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter Williams. Are they historically accurate? Did these events actually happen? A valuable book for both skeptic and scholar.