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The Herald - November 2010

For the second month in a row, the Herald includes articles on parenting and dating. Whether you are single, dating, or are a parent, may you read and be encouraged and challenged. The following articles originally appeared on Focus on the Family’s online webzine entitled Boundless (

The Herald - October 2010

This month’s Herald includes articles on communication advice necessary for the survival of all Christian relationships, dating, and marriage. Whether you are the one helping someone move towards marriage, or are the one getting married, we hope these articles we be of use.

The Herald - September 2010

This month’s Herald focus is on the UCCD Internship Program and our 2010-2011 interns.

The Herald - August 2010

This month’s Herald follows up our series in the book of 1 John. As you read, may you be strengthened in your belief, and may you increase in your love towards God and His children.