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The Herald - September 2011

Ramadan is over. Plenty of folks now believe that all their accumulated good works will earn them sufficient favor before God. Several years ago one man rose against the most powerful human institution in the world and opposed precisely this idea. We get to read his story in this issue.

The Herald - August 2011

Ever wonder what hospitality has to do with God? Why in the world should elders be hospitable men? What does hospitality got to do with the end times? How is it linked to God’s grace in salvation? For all this and more, check out

The Herald - July 2011

Going on holiday this summer? This month’s Herald takes a look at how Christian families can redeem their family vacations. Be encouraged as you read

The Herald - June 2011

This month’s Herald aims to help Christians steward their God-given resources for his glory.

The Herald - May 2011

This month’s Herald includes a review on Rob Bell’s Nooma Videos and letters from those who have, or will be leaving the church.

The Herald - April 2011

This month's Herald includes some teaching on the Proposed Church Constitution, as well as an article by Colin Marshall (Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia) on the responsibility of ministering to others, when the church gathers.

The Herald - March 2011

This month's Herald includes an article on the proposed Statement of Faith, and articles by our recent Men’s and Women’s Ministry speakers, Sam Crabtree and Kathleen Nielson.

The Herald - February 2011

God is holy, and therefore His people also are to be holy ( 1 Peter 1:15-16). This month's Herald se...

The Herald - January 2011

Happy New Year! In this month's Herald we consider ways to help improve our spiritual walk with God ...

The Herald - December 2010

This month's Herald emphasis is on the birth of Christ. However, when we consider the incarnation of Christ, we must also consider why the Father sent his eternal Son- because of His love, and the Son's mission- to die on the cross and rise from the dead. May these articles encourage you to reflect on God's great love for His people in Christ.