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The Herald - June 2012

Are you one of those Christians who loves Jesus and wants to evangelise, but doesn’t know how? Don’t know where to start? Does one need to have a special feeling or training in order to begin a conversation about Jesus?

The Herald - May 2012

1. How to Listen to a Sermon, by Phil Ryken 2. Practice True Spirituality by Donald S.Whitney 3. 7 Ways to Build a Spiritual Conversation by Bobby Jamieson 4. Nicodemus : When Knowing the Bible isn’t Enough by Derek Thomas 5. 3 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Pastor by R.C Sproul JR

The Herald - April 2012

The Passion Week draws near and people all over the world watch as Christians observe Good Friday and Easter. What makes Good Friday good? Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important to our faith? For all this and more see this month's Herald.

The Herald - March 2012

Have you ever thought about encouraging your brother or sister in the Lord? What’s the difference between trite flattery and godly encouragement? How does this look in the community of God's people? For all this and more see this months Herald.

The Destroyer at Dehra Dun

I had expected much more. From outside, the Hindu temple in Dehra Dun, northern India, was ornate and impressive. But as Anand Samuel and I entered the temple, it was just a big room with cold concrete flooring. (We had removed our shoes before entering.) There were no priests, no teaching, no choirs, although music played outside all day long over loudspeakers. Painted flowers and Hindi signage covered the walls inside, warning adherents not to offer money to Shiva, the "Destroyer," and not to be flippant in their acts of worship but to take them seriously.

Numbers in the Church: Is Bigger Badder or Better?

Churches can be big or small for all the right reasons. Or for all the wrong reasons. We simply should not conclude that bigger is better or smaller is more sanctified. In God's eyes, the success of your church and your pastor are measured by criteria more important than weekend attendance.

The Herald - February 2012

What are idols? Are they just those metal or wooden busts that Hindus worship or is there more to it? How should Christians think about idolatry? How should we guard our hearts against idols? What role does the Word of God play in all of this? For all this and more see this months Herald.

The Herald - January 2012

Happy New Year!! Made any resolutions? How long do you think they might last? And what does grace have to do with it? For all this and more see this months Herald.

The Death of Santa

As a young boy I certainly believed in Santa. We made the annual cookie oblation and went to bed under the conditional covenant that he would not come if we did not sleep (or at least stay in bed). Nevertheless, I think I began to doubt the faith earlier than some. We did not have a fireplace and the idea of someone, even Santa, coming through the front door in the middle of the night was a little creepy.

A Job Description for the Church

"The responsibility of the church in the new age is the same as its responsibility in every age. It is to testify that this world is lost in sin..."