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Church Was Great! Let's Not Talk About It

We've just heard the Word read and proclaimed, sung the praises of our great God, and petitioned him...

The Herald - March 2013

Why should ordinary Christians study theology? Doesn’t that just result in people with big heads? Can theology help our marriages? Can theology quieten our anxious hearts?

The Herald - February 2013

Do you pick and choose when it comes to obeying God commands for life in the local church? Or do you seek to follow the whole counsel of God? How do we as Christians listen to God’s word and demonstrate unity?

The Herald - January 2013

The first week of the New Year is notorious for making and breaking resolutions. How do we make them stick and what does it have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? What will you do in order to leave an inheritance? A string of broken resolutions or something more valuable and edifying?

The Herald - December 2012

It’s Christmas time! While the whole world shops and celebrates Christmas as a secular, fun filled, sentimental holiday, how can we as a church communicate the true message of the incarnation of God? This Christmas season, we would like to encourage you to evangelize your family, friends and neighbors using Carl Laferton’s little book called Christmas Uncut. This not only presents the gospel but also the foundational elements of a worldview in which the gospel makes sense. All this and more in....

The Herald - November 2012

Read about UCCD's exciting church planting opportunities in Ras Al Khaimah

The Herald - October 2012

How should Christians relate to the law? Read about it in the October issue of the Herald

Church Shopping

What follows is an imaginary conversation between two demons on how to undermine the local church... Dear Stolas, You ask in your letter about the key to undermining the church as quickly as possible This is scarcely rocket science, but, as you ask, we will try to enlighten you.

The Herald - August 2012

Are you struggling with self-centeredness. Read the August edition of the Herald to help you combat this sin.

The Herald - July 2012

What dose biblical love look like in community? How should God’s people love one another? How do we do this when relationships are so hard and messy?