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Improving Congregational Singing

According to the forty-seventh Psalm, we are to sing the praise of the Lord "with skillfulness." I will leave the musical instruction side of that commandment, with its pitches, note reading, beat, proper breathing, harmonizing, etc., to those more gifted than I am in this area (which would be quite a number of people). Yet a congregation can make vast improvements in its singing even without choral training. How? Simply by listening to and obeying the Word of God's instruction on how we are to sing in the presence of God. Consider applying in a purposeful way these short exhortations to your singing as you go to the house of the Lord the next time.

The Herald - September 2013

The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It encourages us to wait patiently and faithfully for His return. But how do we faithfully interpret this famously misunderstood book? How can we apply its message to our lives in 2013?

The Herald - August 2013

As we fight the fight of faith it’s enough sometimes just to keep ourselves together. But God is glorifed through the unity of the members of the body of Christ all together. How can we be united when we’re so different? How do we love as Jesus loved us?

The Herald - June 2013

The Bible uses marriage to remind us about what Christ did for the church. The gospel defines roles for the Christian husband and wife. What does marriage have to do with sanctification? How should we pray for our spouses?

The Herald - July 2013

How does God guide His people? How do I discern His voice and respond in a way that honors and pleases Him? Can a Christian be outside the will of God? Does wisdom have anything to do with it?

The Herald - May 2013

The Bible has a lot to say about money. How do we steward our possessions to the glory of God? How does the gospel of grace speak to our greed? What does gospel-giving look like?

The Herald - April 2013

The church is not a drive thru. We linger and meet and converse to build and encourage one another. But how do we begin these conversations? What should we ask?

Church Was Great! Let's Not Talk About It

We've just heard the Word read and proclaimed, sung the praises of our great God, and petitioned him...

The Herald - March 2013

Why should ordinary Christians study theology? Doesn’t that just result in people with big heads? Can theology help our marriages? Can theology quieten our anxious hearts?

The Herald - February 2013

Do you pick and choose when it comes to obeying God commands for life in the local church? Or do you seek to follow the whole counsel of God? How do we as Christians listen to God’s word and demonstrate unity?