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Shepherding 101

In today’s society, not many of us have experience as shepherds. We many have seen shepherds in movies or while on holiday somewhere, but shepherds aren’t a part of our every day life here in Dubai. Reading John 10 and the way Jesus’ teaching centers around the sheep fold and the role of the shepherd might be as confusing for many of us today as hearing Him speak about applied physics or advanced calculus. Shepherding isn’t the field of expertise for many of us and so we must approach John 10 carefully to understand what Jesus was saying to His first century listeners.<<>>

Who is the Christ?

With Dubai being a transient community, people are always coming and going and it seems everywhere we go we have opportunity to meet new people. New people at church. New people in ladies’ Bible study. New people in our neighborhoods. New people at our kid’s schools. New people in the elevator. We’re all pretty good at asking and answering the questions that come along with the meeting of new people. We ask and answer ‘what’s your name?’, ‘where are you from?’, ‘how long have you been here?’, and ‘what brought you here?’ all the time. In essence what we’re asking is “WHO ARE YOU?” This is the question that we see asked and answered in our passage this morning.

Problems Inside & Out

If someone asked you 'what’s your problem?', something would automatically pop into your head. We all have problems. Some problems are physical like sickness, pain, stress, or monetary issues. Other problems are emotional like loneliness, fear or anxiety. Whether big or small, problems are a part of everyday life for everyone in the world. And, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we have even bigger problems ~ we all suffer from heart problems as sin rears its ugly head in our lives and attempts to distract us and pull our attention from God to the world.