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Jesus the Light of the World

Today we are looking at John chapter 9 and two things come to mind as we are reading this beautiful account of Jesus giving sight to a man born blind: “Light and darkness” But how could we describe them from personal experience? As I was thinking of this, I remembered a dear friend of mine and her story of what she went through in the 2010 earthquake in Chile.<<>>

Shepherding 101

In today’s society, not many of us have experience as shepherds. We many have seen shepherds in movies or while on holiday somewhere, but shepherds aren’t a part of our every day life here in Dubai. Reading John 10 and the way Jesus’ teaching centers around the sheep fold and the role of the shepherd might be as confusing for many of us today as hearing Him speak about applied physics or advanced calculus. Shepherding isn’t the field of expertise for many of us and so we must approach John 10 carefully to understand what Jesus was saying to His first century listeners.<<>>