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Facing opposition like Nehemiah

What should God's people do when they are serving God faithfully, building up His kingdom - and opposition comes? Nehemiah gives an outstanding example for us to follow in his narrative in chapter 4, on standing firm during times of opposition. Charles Simeon is another example of someone standing firm. He was appointed (by the bishop of York) to be the vicar of Trinity Church in Cambridge, England from 1782. Unfortunately, the parishioners did not want him as their pastor as they preferred the assistant curate, Mr. Hammond, and so Simeon offered to step down. However, the Bishop of York refused Simeon’ offer, saying that he will not place Mr. Hammond in the position of vicar. And so Charles Simeon stayed on. The parishioners were still unhappy and started an all-out attempt to remove him from office. As they had the authority to choose who preached Sunday evening service, they assigned this service to Mr. Hammond. After 5 years, when Mr. Hammond moved on, they invited other preachers to preach Sunday evening service for another 7 years. Can you imagine, serving a church for 12 years that would not even let you preach on Sunday evenings. >>> Continue Reading >>>

God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenant

“Nehemiah was a godly and wise leader”, “Nehemiah was building a city within a city” are some obvious, true and helpful points that we can deduce from the study of Nehemiah 2:11" 3:32. However, some pressing questions like ‘what’s the connection between walls and reproach or what is God doing through Nehemiah?’ and ‘how does it apply to us today?’ need answering! >>> Continue reading >>>>